Kentucky SOS | KY Voter Call-to-Action

State of Kentucky Voter Registration Movement


Kentucky is a wonderful place to live…but there is room for improvement.

Kentucky needs our help! This is a “SOS” to all persons in KY!


We are a grassroots campaign to raise awareness of the importance of voter registration and educating the next generation the importance of voting in Kentucky.


Did you know that many of today’s youth don’t think voting is important? This problem is even worse in many of the more urban & metropolitan areas such as Lexington & Louisville KY. It is up to us as teachers, leaders, politicians, friends, parents and elected officials to help educate the next generation that voting can make a difference. Many of today’s young people simply don’t recognize the value of a “single vote”. Our country was founded on the principle of being able to have every person’s voice heard, and many persons rationalize that its too much effort, they don’t want to deal with the lines on election days, or whatever but they fail to realize that in many other parts of the world there is no such process to allow their opinions, thoughts and beliefs to be able to be heard and implemented in the government’s shaping of policy.

We encourage you to get out and raise awareness in your own communities. Voting does matter. And quite frankly, if you don’t vote then we hope you are perfectly and absolutely content with everything because you really don’t have any reason to complain since you did nothing to let your thoughts and opinions be heard. It doesn’t matter what political party you are affiliated with: Democrat, Republican, Independent, Tea Party, or whatever, its important to help provide guidance for those that call Kentucky home. The right to vote came at a very high price. Homes and lives were lost. It is crucial to Kentucky that the price that was paid for our freedom not be forgotten, wasted, or taken for granted.

How can you help? Talk to your children, friends, family, and co-workers about the importance of voting. Don’t let Kentucky land near the bottom of the voter turnout polls in the next election. Get out, and spread the word. We encourage everyone to go out door to door and knock on the doors of as many Lexington or Louisville KY homes as it takes to get the message out. It doesn’t matter if its your boss, secretary, someone in your office, church, school: educate others on voting.

Louisville KY